The Kullu Valley is full of options for adventure Sports Enthusiasts. Hotel Kullu Valley features resources that can guide you to proper locations for activities like Para Gliding, River Rafting, Trekking, Skiing and Mountain Climbing.

River Rafting: River rafting is an adrenaline pumping ride, moving through core of the river with water pounding on your face is a life time experience. There are many Spots that can take you to have a great river rafting experience. At Hotel Kullu Valley we provide you with quality service, so when you are here you don’t need to worry about where to go for river rafting.

Para Gliding: Para Gliding is a very enjoyable sport that literaly puts you in the air. Para-gliding is done at Solang-Nala on its huge skiing-ground. Para Gliding is one of the most desired aspect of a tourist visiting kullu and Manali. At hotel Kullu valley enjoy the tour package that includes para gliding.

Trekking: Do you like trekking in the mountains? If you do, Kullu and Manali has many places that are ideal for begginner and advanced trekkers to enjoy being with the nature. Be part of Hotel Kullu Valley and Enjoy beautiful trekking experience.

Rock Climbing: There are saveral places, near Kullu and Manali where Tourist can enjoy Rock Climbing. Rock climbing is fun and exiting. There are wide range of Places for all types of age Groups.
If you think you are good at Rock climbing then look no further, Hotel Kullu Valley provides excellent professionals for such events

Jeep Safari: There are many off road places that are beautiful and close to nature. Most Tourist don’t get the oppertunity to visit such places as they lack sufficient knowledge about such places. But at Hotel Kullu Valley , just call us and get ready for the ultimate Safari Experience.

Skiing: How about when you visit the Himalaya and don’t have a skiing experience. Most of the skiing activity happen at solang-Nala. If you are not such adventure junkie then viewing of snow covered is just a remarkable experience.

Camping: Want to experince Nature from close? Want to hang out with friends in a forest in a camp? Sounds exiting?
Well there are many good camping sites and Hotel Kullu Valley can provide you with Great Camping experts that make such experience a life time experience.

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